Pursuant to Executive Order No.82 dated December 8, 1986, PCUP serves as the direct link of the urban poor to the government in policy formulation and program implementation addressed to their needs.


    • To coordinate the speedy implementation of government policies and programs for the poor;
    • To set up a consultative mechanism which shall provide a forum for continuing dialogue between the government and the urban poor on the proper planning and evaluation of programs and projects affecting them;
    • To accredit legitimate urban poor organizations  for  purposes of representation in the formulation of recommendations to the President;
    • To review existing legislations, policies and programs of the government relating to the urban poor, in consultation with the latter, and recommend appropriate actions thereon to the President;
    • To evaluate post and on-going shelter-related projects of the government in squatter and resettlement areas in consultation with beneficiary communities, and recommend appropriate actions thereon to the President;
    • To help coordinate the various activities and services being rendered by the different government organizations and non-government organizations for the urban poor;
    • To plan and monitor programs and projects for the development of  urban poor communities in coordination with the agencies involved;
    • To request the assistance of any ministry, bureau, office or agency in the performance of its functions;
    • To facilitate the funding of urban poor programs and projects both  from foreign and domestic fund sources; and
    • To perform such other functions as may be authorized by the President of the Philippines.


On March 29, 2012, His Excellency President Benigno S. Aquino III, issued Executive Order No.69 Strengthening the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor. The EO transferred PCUP to the Office of the President to effectively coordinate, formulate and  evaluate policies and  programs concerning the urban poor. It provides for the following strengthened functions of PCUP:


    1. To undertake social preparation activities related to asset reform, human development and basic social services, employment and livelihood, other programs of the government for the urban poor;
    2. To participate in policy discussions relating to the urban poor in board meetings of the HUDCC, Key Shelter Agencies (KSA), Local Housing Boards (LHB) or other similar bodies;
    3. To submit quarterly reports to the Office of the President, relative to the status  of compliance with the provisions of EO 69 and the pertinent provision of the law governing eviction and demolition activities.