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            A society where the poor are empowered, economically productive and actively participating in the poverty reduction program and sustainable development of the country. 


To fulfill its vision, PCUP vows to undertake the following:

  • improved coordination and monitoring for the speedy implementation of government programs and policies for the urban poor; 
  • enhanced accreditation of legitimate urban poor organizations for purposes of representation and policy formulation. 


  1. To increase urban poor access to land and housing and other basic services as provided for in RA 7279 or the Urban Development and Housing Act (UDHA), Executive Order No. 131, Memorandum Order No. 74, and Executive Order  No. 371;
  2. To ensure the conduct of just and humane demolition/eviction in accordance with the UDHA  and Executive Order No. 152 as amended by Executive Order No. 708;
  3. To provide technical assistance to the agencies tasked to implement Executive Order No. 153 instituting the national drive to suppress and eradicate professional squatting and squatting syndicates;
  4. To institutionalize consultative mechanisms to ensure urban poor participation in governance and to effectively advocate for the approval of resolutions  or programs in the local and national level geared towards a better life for the urban poor;
  5. To intensify the conduct of Social Preparation and extend the services of its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) team in case affected families opt to settle their conflicts instead of resorting to legal actions;
  6. To promote greater understanding of the issues and problems on urban poverty through information dissemination and to foster unity and dialogue among the urban poor, government agencies and non-government organizations;
  7. To ensure open communication lines among PCUP,  the urban poor and other stakeholders for prompt and efficient service in cases that require urgent intervention.