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Nanay Ester Cabili, 85 years old, of Purok Kawayan, Cadawinonan, Dumaguete City is the oldest  of the three hundred (300) recipients of the free reading eyeglasses during the PCUP Caravan in Dumaguete City on August 16, 2019 at the Lamberto L. Macias Sports and Cultural Center.  She didn’t impose her privilege of being a senior citizen though; she fall in line and waited for her turn; and that’s how she got my attention. She doesn’t look her age, either and is still able-bodied.  She walks when she visits each of her six (6) children who live in different localities of the city.   Asked about her secret; she quipped that most of the time she eats vegetables, specifically malunggay and gabi spiced with a little salt.  What she complains is just knee pain, and she remedied it by walking.

When her turn came, she happily tried the reading glasses given to her.  Probing that it was fit for her, she read the document in front of her.  She commented that for the first time, she now can read clearly and signs her signature properly.

She was so grateful that this Caravan was in their city.  Aside from the free reading glasses, she was also able to get free vitamins and medicines.  She didn’t mind that she had to walk in coming to the venue and in going home, too.